October 29, 2011

Outskirts [codename]

Today I started another test scene to find "HOW" I can break the limits in terms of quality and performance in our pipeline for a future game in Unity3D.

The main target is to reach as much as possible the quality of the rendering of Modo in Unity. How? Using Modo, of course :)

Second step: take this quality and bring it on mobile devices. And this is the hardest part.

I seen good quality scenes done with Unity, but just for consolles or PC performances. Too many polygons, too many high-res maps, too many shadows, too many draw calls [well, too many of everything].

This game will use all the Unity 3.5 features [first things first: incremental game objects quality], so the first good news is that I can increase initial budget of 2000 tris for the entire environment into the frustum culling. I think I will double the tris budget and 1k textures per single game object using Unity 3.4. Then, with the 3.5 release of the engine, I will start working on real performance for an iOS/Android game.

Scene test name: Outskirts! Obviously this isn't the real name of the game.

And here's the concept:

This is a really fast initial concept, inspired from the Hypergates world, really weak in details. For the purpose it's not really important to do a detailed 2D concept, I will finish it directly into Modo.

This is the first post of a sort of "diary" of the entire process. If you have some technical advice, just about any small step of my test process, you're invited to let me know.

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