May 28, 2012

AR3NA redux - Murmillo

Year: 2012
Softwares: Modo - Zbrush - Photoshop
Remake of an old model done for THR3aD project. Just the final render from Modo 601, no post production.

Armor plates and reinforcements

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May 14, 2012

AR3NA redux - point of situation

Aaaaand still here. I just can't find spare time to finish the model. My job, my family, my house, my parents, Skyrim, Orcs must die, Gears of war, chocolate snacks [really, incredible waste of time to find hidden chocolate snacks at home...] and so on. How do you pretend I can finish the murmillo in a few days?

So, this is the point:

May 7, 2012

AR3NA redux - Arm plates

I'm working on the rest of the metals, different materials [different types of iron] to gain in realism. This is the armor on the right arm.

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