April 27, 2012

Downloadable Portfolios

I have done a lot of works during my career as a 3D generalist, but I've always been reluctant to show only a small number of best work.

In the other hand I do not want to waste your time with hundreds of works in a single page or document. For this reason I decided to divide my works so that you can choose to watch only what you are really interested in.

In the very first part of my portfolios page you can now download my works divided by type [including my resume]. The first downloadable document is dedicated to my characters work.

April 22, 2012

Highlight my fire!

I'm glad to see I've earned two highlights, one following the other, on the homepage of CharactersForum.com, one for AR3NA [Murmillo] and another for Dotard's Escape art. I'm very, very happy :)

April 20, 2012

AR3NA redux - belt and strips

I started the surfacing of the Murmillo from leather. Belt, strips and laces.

I know some part are a little too dark, but I will fix in the final scene with all other materials

April 16, 2012

Modo 601: first impressions

I wrote a "first impressions review" about Modo 601 for 3DAgain.com guys [italian version here >>]. I tested it for a mounth and this is my considerations:

In late February of this year, Luxology has released, with a pleasant surprise from customers who expect just the announced previews, Modo 601, a version which is synthetic to define ‘critical’ for the software company.

’Critical’ for two reasons. The first is that its users was extremely disappointed by release of 501, a version that in a sense was a rewrite of the program, strengthening and opening it to the market beyond any imagination, but that did not meet the continuous needs in terms of features missing.
The second reason is that Modo 601 has finally become a complete package filling all the holes.

It's not all, as well as provide much-needed and missing modules, Luxology has gone beyond giving us incredible upgrades of some existing modules.

We are probably talking about the most substantial update Modo has ever had, so the list of additions and improvements is too long to list in this article. I am therefore forced to omit the description of minor innovations and leave them to find out for yourself.
The vast majority of the innovations are focused on adding missing modules, such as character animation, and on the improvement of the rendering engine, never so productive even in our desires.

Let's start with the order, however, from the module that has made Modo famous from its first release, modeling, and proceeding gradually to the latest additions.
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