Alessandro "Kron" Masciari
class '77

I live in Milan, Italy, and I actually work as 3D generalist and illustrator freelancer.

You can contact me for any work inquires
e-mail: amasciariATkron.it
Phone: +39 349 3120083

Graphic designer and illustrator since 1998, I started a first approach with CG using 3D Studio Max and Corel Dream 3D 8. 
In 2000 I have been hired as art director in an advertising studio till 2004, when I started my carreer as freelancer.  
I used to use Modo, Maya, Zbrush and Photoshop in my works changing month by month my core business from graphic design to CG as 3D generalist and illustrator.
From 2007 to 2011 I created and leaded “THR3aD”, a community project to learn and share experience among artists.
Since 2011 I create indie games for idevices into the artist group “Lux et Umbra”, pubblishing “Hypergates” and "Dotard's Escape".
I'm still working as a Freelance generalist and illustrator.

In the last 13 years, I learned a lot of program for my works, but in the end I chose to focus my time and attention to a limited range of softwares:
- Modo 
- Maya
- Zbrush
- Unity
- Photoshop
- After Effects

I love everything about CG and I’m always trying to get the best from every section as much as possible. However I have little preferences that led me to be more specialized in certain fields:
• Environments [high and low resolution]
• Props/assets modeling [high and low resolution]
• Hard Surface modeling [high and low resolution]
• Characters modeling [high and low resolution]
• Surfaces [texturing - shading]
• Lighting
• Compositing [After Effects/Photoshop]
• Game assets [Consolle and Mobile]

We all have bills to pay and I'm not an exception. Please, then, don't ask me to work for you for free thinking you're doing me a favor, because the only thing you'll do is to constraint me to spend time to explain the obvious reason why I can't work for free for anyone. I am a professional, I have a family and I will always have a job that can give me even just 1 euro more than nothing.
If you're not willing to pay for my work, please, do not waste my time asking. Really, don't! Thank you.

This is not a classic blog. All of my posts and content may change everytime I find better ways [and time] to rearrange them. So you should find that some post will be merged into one another or splitted in many others. Everytime a post will be removed frome the home page by the post cicle, searching for it in the main menu should be the best way to found it.
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