March 30, 2012

AR3NA redux - skin, first approach

This is a first approach with the skin surfacing. I'm using the new skin material from Modo 601 and I found it is not ready to use as expected. It's a good base to work with, but must to be adapted depending on the model you are working on [and the parameters to be tweaked are many]. Skin textures need to be improved, the model misses a normal map and the specularity has not yet been touched. Texturing with Modo and Photoshop.

March 29, 2012

AR3NA redux - anatomy of a gladiator

A funny night in zbrush reshaping the body of my Mirmillo. Just a few more touches and this task will be done.

March 28, 2012

AR3NA - redux

More than 2 years ago I build a fast promotional image with my friends for the old THR3aD project. We made a complex scene in about 3/4 days, too fast to take care of the details.

Now it's time to finish the scene and give it the right dignity it deserves. I started by revisiting the character, a Mirmillo [a type of Gladiator during the Roman Imperial age] and his anatomy. A fast rigging can make strange things on an organic model...

So, let's start with the various roles:
Guglielmo "Larsen" Rovere - hard surfaces and environment - Cinema 4D
Francesco "XATMO" Sternativo - rigging - Maya
Me - everything else - Modo, Maya, Zbrush

March 27, 2012

Dotard's Escape - preview post

There is a first preview of our new game in Lux et Umbra official social page: Dotard's Escape.

What you see is part of what I did for this game, from concept to rendering. I will show you much more in the future, when we release more previews from our last game.

Stay tuned ;)

Lux et Umbra official social page >>

March 23, 2012

Lux et Umbra Facebook page

Lux et Umbra, creator of Hypergates, is finally on-line on Facebook:


At this page you can find any news, arts, previews and many other things about this italian artists and programmers group.

And, at least but not last, LEU Games will share with you some preview from their last mobile game in the next few days. And, of course, most of the tasks of this game are mine ;)

Just sign up!
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