September 14, 2010

Modo Gears - Edge Welder scripts 1.1

Read this first

Edited: 2010/09/18

Hi guys,

this time I want to share one of my useful scripts: the edge welder.

Well, it's not properly a script, it's just a pie menu with two edited macros, one for each different use. If you downloaded previous 1.0 scripts, update the file from the download link.

The first code merges 2 distant edges in a middle position, no more, no less.

The second code is usefull to merge partial lines of edges (it doesn't touch adiacent unselected) or complete loops, nice to merge two specular meshes.

In this video I can show you exactly what I mean:

[a better video resolution here]

To use this scripts, you must just download this zip archive:

Unzip the file and:
- put the .LXM file into your scripts folder;
- load the config file in Modo;
- put the pie menu into another pie menu or assign a key to recall the scripts.

I hope you like it!

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